If you find a better investment other than Sreevatsa Viswa & Vedh, please ignore this blog.

Choosing where to invest your money can be a bewildering task. The options are so many that sometimes you will be exhausted just by looking at the long list. You may even have to burn the midnight oil to understand what your options are, how much fund you can invest, who is trustworthy and who is not, and the list keeps going. You should not rush into something when there is a huge amount of your time, energy and money involved. After all, anything you possess is a result of you working your fingers to the bone. Finding out what you want can take some time and it is good. If you ask us for good returns, our bet is always on a house. Read further to know why.

Ride in a luxury car

Of course, if you are fancying a fancy ‘something’, it’s a luxury car. It has its perks, like the number of eyes you will attract when you take it out for a ride. But, owning a luxury car has its downside too. The resale value is usually lesser than expected and the maintenance costs a lot. And, if you have children at home, we should warn you that not all cars are kid-friendly. Because you cannot afford to damage the seat’s cushion or handle food spilling all over, not to mention what it would cost you to get your car look polished again.

Starting a business

If you think about business, franchising particularly is becoming popular now. Starting a brand new business demands a lot of groundwork, but getting an already established brand in your locality/city is comparatively more straightforward. There are two sides to every coin. In new business, there is a lot of time before you can finally settle down and make profits. On the other hand, franchising necessitates following the policies of the brand, thus restricting you from doing anything innovative. You cannot predict the economic climate, so this is not exactly the right place for your investment if you are looking for returns earlier than expected.

Fly across the world

You may think what else would be the better returns than life lessons. Travelling gives you stories, adventure and independence. It can help you escape for a while, but what happens when you come back to reality? Now, that is quite a question. It has its disadvantages too: being away from home, lack of income and zero returns on your investment except for the lessons, of course. Travelling is beautiful and at times, necessary too. However, we do not recommend you to spend a considerable chunk of money on it.

Invest in the stock market

This is a big-league and the risk is as big as the market itself. Share prices rocket and plummet multiple times in a single day which means you cannot see if you are going to take something home or not. While massive failure is not seen often, it may take years to recover from such a situation. Brokerage in this investment can jeopardize the profits you gain. In a nutshell, we do not recommend an inconsistent investment.

But buying a house…

We would, any day, say that a house is the best in the market. The perks of owning a residential property at this price range are uncountable and having huge returns on it is the most favourable for you. Other than that, there is always rental income coming in. The house becomes a nest egg that your future generations can depend on.You will be the proud owner of a fantastic house. There is always, always a place for you to go to no matter what. The feeling of a community develops well when you move in and this ties you to your people. Did we mention the tax benefits?Spending around INR 70 lakhs* will buy you not just any home, but a luxury apartment at Sreevatsa Viswa & Vedh. With the most amazing amenities in a secured environment, you can live the life of a villa without missing out on the comforts of an apartment. Sreevatsa Viswa & Vedh is located in Vilankurichi, a fast developing hub of the city with easy access to all important parts of Coimbatore like multispecialty hospitals, popular educational institutions, international airport, entertainment centers and IT zones. Life and luxury begins here! Like we said in the beginning, if you can find a better investment than an apartment at Sreevatsa Viswa & Vedh at this price in this location, then please forget that you read this blog.

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