Why are amenities important when buying an apartment?

What connects you to your neighbours? Is it the activities? Profession? Families? Or just the walls? One important thing that connects the residents of the apartment is the amenities. They provide an opportunity to interact with the other members residing in the apartment to meet new people and make new relations.

What are amenities?

Amenities generally include a clubhouse, indoor games, amphitheatre, children’s play area, walking area, lawns, swimming pools and many more. Building properties with amenities is mandatory nowadays as people started looking for such housing properties only. In the middle of the rapidly growing cities, making space for such amenities is being a hiccup for every builder. But if they assure these, then there is a definite possibility for the properties to attract the customers.

Where can we find them?

When people with similar thinking come together, they create a good society. In addition to that, the children from the apartment will also get exposure to the best environment. Similarly, the amenities one chooses are completely dependent on the lifestyle we have and vice versa. What according to you, are the major and ‘must have’ amenities? As mentioned earlier, they depend entirely on the lifestyle one follows. A generic need for amenities is based on families. A happy place for children to hang around, a walking area for maintaining fitness, a peaceful place for the elderly residents and of course an exclusive space for the parties.

1. A bubbly play area

Children’s play area becomes a necessity for people who move in with family. While moving to a new place, safety of the children matters a lot. This makes it mandatory for the builders to construct an in-house play area, so that the kids’ safety is ensured. Mostly nowadays, homes are built within a gated environment, which can promise high safety for the children.

2. Take a walking break

At this computer era, everyone is facing hectic schedules and tiring days. After the busy office life, people come home looking for a peaceful environment. Of course, home is the best relaxing place for everyone, but a bit of fresh air can tune-up our mind sometimes. Walking around during the evening time can relax your mind as well as healthily energize your body.

3. The party place

When we talk about living in a community, getting along with neighbours is very important. The small functions and get-togethers in the community can help to build a healthy relationship. Hence, the clubhouse can be a platform for people to exchange their happy thoughts and imbibe new ones. Even the society meetings can turn out to be an interactive session for all. Not everyone can afford a convention centre for birthday parties or anniversaries all the time. During such time a clubhouse can be effective.

4. Light all the time

People prefer homes that ensure a backup facility for power supply. Due to the increased pollution and less availability of resources, there happens to be a significant trouble for the energy available. There are properties which provide 24×7 backup facility all over the homes as well as the common areas like corridors and lifts. When you buy homes with investing huge amounts, then why not invest where they promise invertors and generators. There are also some builders who offer provisions for UPS so that you don’t have to get dirt in your hands.

5. Cleanliness is the goal

Sewage Treatment Plants are only promised by selected number of properties. Make sure that, before you buy a home, the builder has a properly maintained STP. A proper STP doesn’t mean they should maintain your home and surroundings clean but also it should maintain the standards by which they don’t harm nature. Also follow up with the builder if they have a proper drinking water system installed in each home separately. A well-maintained RO or a provision to install the RO unit needs to be included in the kitchen. All the amenities mentioned above can be vital for a better living. Also, remember that a property with modern amenities can increase the resale value of the property too. In our two prime properties, Sreevatsa Urban Village and Sreevatsa Vishwa & Vedh, we bring out the top-class amenities which people look forward to. All the amenities mentioned above are promised at Sreevatsa to enhance the stay of the residents. Majorly, both the properties have an exclusive play area for children as well as a basketball court, reflexology walking track, sewage treatment plant and a landscape garden. In Urban Village, we provide a Genset backup for elevators and common areas, sewage treatment plant, provisions for RO unit and UPS, and added 24×7 CCTV facility. On the other hand, Vishwa & Vedh has generators, 300-watt standby battery for each flat, RO unit for each unit and the security systems. Choose your home based on the amenities that make your life more comfortable.

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