We all are fully aware that poor lighting can damage our eyesight especially when we are reading or watching, but apart from that lighting can affect us multiple ways.

It has been scientifically proven that lighting has a deep impact on our lives. Various studies suggest that the level of lighting we have around affects our mood, emotions and mental health very intensively. Lighting has a direct effect on our biological system and our mood alters according to the change in the level of lighting; for example on a sunny day you automatically feel happy and relaxed.

Effects of Lighting on your Mood

We all are fully aware that poor lighting can damage our eyesight especially when we are reading or watching, but apart from that lighting can affect us multiple ways such as
  • Insufficient lighting can cause depression
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D
  • Impacts appetite
  • Effects on circadian rhythms

All these lighting effects eventually disturb your emotional health and ruin your mood. However, by adjusting the correct level of lighting in your home or office, you can easily avoid all these mood-related problems. But, for that, you have to understand the how and what kind of lighting affects your mood.

Here are three different lighting levels mentioned that can affect your mood:

1. Bright Light

In bright light, you may experience both positive and negative emotions. A study was conducted by researchers in 2014 to assess the level of emotional intensity under the influence of bright light and it is concluded that reactions are usually more intense under bright lights.

2. Blue Light

In a recent study, it is found that people under the influence of high energy blue light are highly productive. It is found that blue lighting affects your mood positively and brings extra energy in your life.

However, blue light is your friend during the day time only as the exposure to this light during the night can make harder for you to fall asleep. The exposure to blue light coming from smartphones or laptops screen can delay the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin in your body, which may eventually increase your blood pressure and affect your mood negatively.

3. Natural Light

The benefits of natural light are many. Exposure to natural light for a few minutes daily can have a very positive impact on your day. According to a study, it is found that people who have airy and well-ventilated windows in their homes or offices – exercise more, sleep better and have overall better health. It is also found that natural light keeps your circadian rhythms under control which makes you feel energetic all day long.

This light is your best mood booster as it helps in reducing the symptoms of depression. Deficiency of Vitamin D is a major cause of depression and it can be completely treated by exposing yourself to sunlight for regularly. Some doctors have found that the combination of light therapy and antidepressants makes the ideal treatment for depression.

Intense Lighting Affect on Your Mood

Lighting undoubtedly has an intense impact on your mind – from your eating habits to your hormonal cycle everything is affected by the lighting in some way. It is highly advised to keep your level of lighting moderate in your life which leads to a healthy and happy mindset. You should always remember that natural lighting affects your mood positively and that’s why it is recommended to spend a few minutes daily under natural light and close to nature.
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