Asset Appreciation

Investing in apartments is the safest appreciation of one’s savings. It is a life-long strength that remains with your family for the future. Invest in a project at the right location. Sit back and watch your asset value increment over time while possessing a safe & secured asset.

Dynamic Income

Multiply your income by offering your apartment on rent if it is an investment. Offer your house to people who are studying, working, newly married or have a small family. You will get your rent amount every month, depending on the market value at that point of time. Certainly it is the most refreshing way to get returns through one-time investment.


Expect better safety and security when you buy a flat. Your house must have a protected space; undoubtedly, the guards will look after the whole property in your absence. There must be CCTVs kept throughout the building. It should have a trusted 24×7 security facility. Invest in properties from developers who offer such amenities

Ease of Funding

It is effortless to get the loan for apartments when compared to constructing individual houses since the approvals are obtained by the developer and financials are approved by banks with minimum efforts from the buyer’s end. Apartments provide a more affordable housing option. Also, people applying for home loans must check the RERA compliance as the banks will approve & sanction the loan only to those builders with RERA approval.

Amenities and Facilities

When you go for apartments, you get other amenities like children’s play area, basketball courts, gardens, lifts, UPS wiring, and lots more. You will also have a beautiful community, where you can build an enjoyable relationship with your set of ‘Apartment Families’. You need not worry about water, maintenance of the area, etc. since the apartment association will jointly take care of it. Also, it would be a shared maintenance charge.

Future Benefits

With time the value of your property will appreciate. You can claim the pride of ownership which you enjoy. The identity of the community is defined by the quality of life established in the apartment. This would bring higher dividends in appreciation of value together with all the above advantages.

Sreevatsa Real Estate Projects has delivered over 25 projects that have defined community living while providing best quality and ergonomic design for each apartment.

Sreevatsa Real Estate has delivered over 25 projects that have defined community living while providing best quality and ergonomic design for each apartment. All documents are ready with the necessary approvals and RERA certified. Both projects are cleared by major banks enabling ease of transaction.

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